June 24th !!

Dont question yourself why is it such a long queue ! Is June 24th 2010 today, Iphone 4.0 is now officially released ! Half a year ago, I bought my iphone 3gs(16gb) at $199 and now iphone 4.0 selling at $199 together with the AT&T plan! ARGHHHH~ You must be kidding me !

I gonna get you next month =) I can trade it with my Iphone 3gs and extend my contract to get Iphone 4.0 for FREE! wohoo~

The queue started at 10 a.m till 7.00 p.m with 3 police standing outside of the entrance in Apple Store! Everyone waited patiently for their turn to get it ! IS SO SHOCKING ! Iphone 4.0 is still the best selling phone in the WORLD !

WHOAH ! Long queue

waiting patiently to get their new monster =)

Porsche is what I saw once I came out from the mall ! Is hilarious ! So far in state still didn't get to look at Ferrari ~ sad case =(


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