June 24th !!

Dont question yourself why is it such a long queue ! Is June 24th 2010 today, Iphone 4.0 is now officially released ! Half a year ago, I bought my iphone 3gs(16gb) at $199 and now iphone 4.0 selling at $199 together with the AT&T plan! ARGHHHH~ You must be kidding me !

I gonna get you next month =) I can trade it with my Iphone 3gs and extend my contract to get Iphone 4.0 for FREE! wohoo~

The queue started at 10 a.m till 7.00 p.m with 3 police standing outside of the entrance in Apple Store! Everyone waited patiently for their turn to get it ! IS SO SHOCKING ! Iphone 4.0 is still the best selling phone in the WORLD !

WHOAH ! Long queue

waiting patiently to get their new monster =)

Porsche is what I saw once I came out from the mall ! Is hilarious ! So far in state still didn't get to look at Ferrari ~ sad case =(

True Friends

Shin Yeen I miss you badly! Was listening to few songs that remind me of you ~

You're someone special to me.
You're someone I can spill everything too.
You're someone who listen to my uncle stories.
You're someone who chill me up when I'm down !
You're someone who send me Birthday card !
You're someone I care so much !
You're someone I miss so much !

Is 1 year and 16days friend. Time flies ! We knowing each other for a year and 16days but through out these days, our relationship gain more and more !
Do you still remember : Don't wanna try , All or Nothing , Down and Fire Burning on the dance floor?
Although we seldom chill out, we use to contact thru phones till now I'm in state we still contact each other !Actually there are more to say but I keep it back in my heart~

You're too amazing ! I miss you badly ~

G-Shock baby =)

Bought this watch last week it cost for $92! Gonna heart you to the max baby =)
Wanted to get the limited edition with the gold line and white surface with it, too bad I'm late there! WTH! It cost $200 bucks for that limited watch ! Will get the next model soon =)

Bad Evening !

I'm so pissed off today ! FUCK YOU KONRAD !

Co-Manager so what Damn you bastard!
Went home once I reach to Wendy's ~
Feel so bad to you right now.
Since when I'm so weak , I care for you so much
And I feel so bad because I leave like that ~
Argh ~
Shouldn't did this to you !
And this is the present I gave you today !

Mad at myself right now and FUCK YOU HELL KONRAD !

Thank you !

Thanks for the comfort today.
Thanks for the croissant everyday.
Thanks for cheering me up when I'm down!
Thanks for bringing me back where I belong.
Thanks for giving me fully support all the while ~
Thanks for sending me dinner when I'm starving .
Thanks for the care you gave me.
Thanks for whacking my butt everyday ~ (and its hurt)
Thanks for all the happy moment you gave to me =)

Seriously I'm glad and lucky to know you ~ Is a very big gift from god =)
You never fail to cheer me up EVERY-TIME whenever I'm down !
Baby you know what , all your action and movements make me laugh !
Especially when you apologize to me =))) x3 funny !

Minnie bring lucks to me , I won all bet of games I gamble =)))

p.s : stop being so bitchy sometimes ! Dont scold me with all foul languages ! especially FUCK ! hahaha ~


發貨時間:2010-05-24~30 (我們會盡快發貨)

Here comes Jay Chou new album once again. This album is so meaningful! The song 《超人不会飞》is all about the stirring emotion and disturbance of Jay Chou in this 10 years.
Love you Jay ! file:///C:/Users/Beatrice/Desktop/04.gif

Sudden Silence

Lakers outs Oklahoma City today ! The Thunder was stopped, Not by Kobe Bryant who missed.But by Pau Gasol whose putback lifted the Lakers in OKC !

Pau Gasol tipped in a missed jumper by Kobe Bryant with a half-second left and the Los Angeles Lakers survived a late comeback effort by Oklahoma City and eliminated the Thunder 95-94 in Game 6 of the first-round playoff series on Friday night.

Gasol crashed to the rim at the right block and tipped in Bryant's shot to put the defending NBA champions ahead after they squandered a seven-point lead in the fourth quarter.

Gasol pumped both fists after the basket, and the Lakers moved on when Russell Westbrook missed a desperation 3-pointer at the final buzzer.

Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 26 points on a dreadful 5-for-23 shooting night. Westbrook had 21 points and nine assists.

Bryant scored 32 points and Gasol had nine points and 18 rebounds, scoring his only basket of the second half at the end.

S.H.E concert !

OMG! Their coming to have concert in Boston on june 24th together with Gary Cao! We are going to get VIP tickets once is open for tickets. First concert together with Baby in Boston =) Fucking awesome!! Still a long wait for the concert.GOSH!

Get patient Fellest =)

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